Give Your Home That Picture-Perfect Look

Arrange for our residential deep cleaning services in the Seneca, SC area

Do you need to remove all kinds of dust, dirt and grime from your house? Lee's Cleaning Solution, LLC can get the job done with ease. We offer deep cleaning services for homeowners in all areas within 30 miles of Seneca, SC.

When you schedule our residential deep cleaning services, you can choose any part of your home for us to clean, dust, mop or scrub. We can also handle tasks that professional cleaners don't typically cover, including:

  • Washing your laundry and drying your clothes
  • Taking out your trash and cleaning your trash cans
  • Washing your sheets and making your beds

You'll find your home spotlessly clean and ready to use when we're through. Call 864-533-1802 now for a free estimate on deep cleaning services.

Organize your refrigerator or cabinets

Organize your refrigerator or cabinets

Is your refrigerator cluttered and hard to search through? Does a jar or a roll of tin foil fall out of your cabinet almost every time you open it? You can bring us in to organize these parts of your home. Contact us today to schedule residential deep cleaning services.